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What do our students gain from the course?


Why choose our course?




The training is held in different nursing homes weekly, which helps students to adapt more easily to their work experience venue. Students also know from day one what they are in for and can pull out on their first day, owing nothing. This does not waste time or money for any of us. Training is light hearted and lots of fun while being highly professional!

We provide our students with morning/afternoon tea, also all other training materials and needs. They only need to bring a pen and lunch. The students are asked to wear navy blue trousers or skirt and a white blouse or shirt. Black nurses shoes, similar to school shoes, with fully covered feet and flat rubber soles are required

Students also need to get a criminal record name check done at their local police station. Police checks need to be obtained by the second week of training. This has been a government legal requirement since March 2006. We also suggest a visit to your local doctor to get an immunisation record to show your new employer. Hepatitis and TB immunisations should be current. We can advise you on any of these issues through the office by our highly trained office staff that are also nurses and/or student advisors. You do not need these to start our training but suggest you get it started as soon as possible.

Furthering your training after initial A.I.N course is encouraged and easily arranged with our staff. Even E/N or R/N training advice is given, including personal coaching for interviews and exams, free of charge by our Director who has many years of experience in these areas. Many past students have been very thankful of this help and got in to these courses first go (NAMES AVAILABLE). Seeing as there are thousands of applications for only 7 or 8 places in each major area, we are proud that the majority of applications accepted are A.N &T.S graduates!

Since the changes in funding of the training course, we have been forced to lower our costs and therefore also our fees. We usually only have about 5 students in a group to ensure personal tuition is effective. We have continued to keep up the same high standard for over 23 years. Government agencies have checked us out rigorously, prior to using us and are very impressed with the success rate. A reference from a caseworker from CES (NOW CENTRELINK), Joan Rose, is available for sighting, also compliance officer Brian Vernon's, along with many others from companies & graduates. Recent references are available for sighting upon arrangement including Rosemary Jacobs from Mission Employment, Fairfield and many Directors of Nursing. See testimonial page. There have also been many articles published in the papers regarding the success of our course, awards for excellence in training and TV footage.

We at A.N & T.S actually have personal practical training, one on one with a trained nurse/educator, on the wards on the Residents/Patients. Then we personally place you in a work experience facility as close as possible to your home. You do not have to source work experience yourself, like other courses.

Unfortunately the funding for unemployed clients, is now given to job clubs/agencies, making centre link funding very rare.

We do not receive any funding, we do this all on our own as a community service rather than a money making venture!

Clients on unemployment/pension benefits are better advised to go on a payment plan or contact job placement agencies such as: Salvation Army, Wesley Uniting Employment, Mission Employment, Work Directions, LETS, CRS, AMES, Catholic Care and Anglicare. If needing help with fees, we can advise you on these matters and give you a comprehensive list of contacts. Please read payment breakdown for further information. By the time you get your tax refund it costs you very little, as most of the course if not all, is tax deductable. You will need to check with your accountant for each individuals situation.

Once the students reach their work experience venue they do an eight hour shift, five days a week for two weeks. Due to the fact that they have been trained via personal tuition on the wards, they are competent in all the basic skills expected of them as an AIN and can get in and help. The Director of Nursing (also known as Care Manager or at times Matron), who is impressed by their skills, notes this and being always in need of staff, snaps them up and hires for shifts.

Many of our students are offered work even before completing work experience.




Management (and commended by Department of fair trading ) think that the fairest way to truly know what service you are purchasing, (in this case a training course), is to 'TRY BEFORE YOU BUY'.

As you are aware other courses do not usually offer free trial days due to the workload involved and huge financial loss from students not continuing. We do offer this at A.N & T.S as are confident, the majority of our prospective students join up, due to the high quality and innovative delivery via personal practical tuition prior to doing the certificate III units. The knowledge that so many of their friends and families have had success through A.N & T.S and are not only working as Nurses, but a lot are also Registered Nurses, Enrolled Nurses and other allied health professionals through our help.

On the other hand, clients with unrealistic expectations of Nursing as a career, are set straight. For example if a client thinks it is like on TV shows and expect glamour and dates with Doctors, or busy emergency units with patients being resuscitated every few minutes, they may be either disappointed or relieved.

If our clients are not able to cope with Nursing, they will know on the first day, and have an opportunity to ask any questions from our staff who are Nurses and most have done our course themselves years ago, so know how you are feeling and can tell you the truth.

Even our support staff in the offices, have done our course and work as Nurses in aged care or hospitals as well as with us. They have been with us for many years as believe in what we do by raising the quality of care given to the sick and aged through proper "hands on style training", and helping the unemployed.

It is you clients that put a smile on our faces when you send thank you cards and comments like:

"you have changed my life. I love Nursing and feel I am doing something good for the community, and also for my family, by having a great wage. I have even got a home loan now!. thanks Sisters, I have told all my friends."

Ophie Banes often rings to say hi and thanks us. She is well known to all our staff and even volunteers her time to help the trainers explain to students the basic clinical aspects of good nursing care.

Ophie was one of our graduate A.I.N's and through our help and mentoring went on to work in the Nursing home then Hospital systems. Ophie then undertook her Registered Nurse training and is employed in a local hospital full time.

Ophie will now go on to do her Nursing Educator degree and Certificate IV in workplace training and assessment to enable her to work for us. Ophie is happy to speak to prospective students, and is from the Phillipines and speaks a couple of different languages.

Rhadika Sharma has done the exact same thing and has finished her R/N degree and her Certificate IV in workplace training and assessment and is a happy member of our training team. Rhadika is also a JP so can witness documents free for you !

She has referred many of her Uni colleagues as our course is great to do for them while studying Registered Nursing or Bachelor of Nursing as can earn a good wage to support themselves while learning about the realities of working as a Nurse, and develop skills and knowledge to speed ahead of their classmates.

Rhadika is also happy to talk to any prospective students, especially those undertaking R/N or E/N.

Rhadika is well respected in the Nepalese community and speaks different languages. She is also assisting us with continuing education workshops for our new nursing agency HOW, and other nurses needing professional development points.

Many hundreds of other past students have indicated they would be happy to speak to clients also.

Ask our friendly support staff, student liaison officers and office staff and manager for assistance.

Tracey, our Director and pioneer of A.I.N training, as well as Sue, Diane, Kathy and Denise are Aussies. Margaret is from Dubai. They are also happy A.N & T.S graduates and as well as nursing, also work in the office and volunteer their time to help us help the community.

Our Trainers are also able to speak different languages, as we like to keep a multi cultural staff for our high level of multicultural students. Some of the countries trainers hail from are: 2 Indian Doctors/Nurse trainers, a Fijian Nurse /Trainer, a Nepalese Nurse /trainer, 2 Phillipino Nurse trainers, one a Registered Nursing Sister, a male African Nurse/trainer, an Enrolled Nurse/Certified Trainer and Assessor and Education qualifications including superintendent with Salvation Army, Medic for Army cadets, RPL assessor, consultant and auditor (Aussie) and the Director Sister Jones with 35 years Nursing experience, including Director of Nursing in several Nursing facilities and one hospital.

Sister Jones also is a Triple certificate R/N with psychiatry and mother craft, included in diploma. Qualifications gained also include, Nursing -Education, CNS in Infection Control, Child care including neonate and child psychology, Workplace Trainer and Assessor, RPL assessor, Registered Competency Assessor, First Aid Instructor/Examiner, Diploma in Management, Internal auditor and several more.

Please note that on this first day, it is a trial day, but you must bring your payment with you on the day.

Our contract is given to you with plenty of time to read and ask questions of your trainers.

You do not have to sign it or pay until the end of the day. Once signed we pay your expensive insurances and other training and administrative costs and therefore expect you to honor you side of the contract by paying in full no matter what stage afterwards you may want to drop out.

If you do not want to do the course or are unsure, you can take your money back home with you and there is no obligation. This is in lieu of a cooling off period which would be near impossible due to short length of first course.


By then you have had ample time and information, including video footage on the most difficult aspects of the A.I.N/Carer, including seeing showering, toileting, wound care, dementia care. Explanations of exactly how the course runs is also very detailed.

We want you to understand that Nursing is hard work, and not for everyone. However, if you give it your best shot, you can have a rewarding, happy career that makes society look up at you and respect you.

It is also well paid and secure. We show you the hardest and least enjoyable aspects on your first day so remember, it also may be your job to go on a bus trip for a picnic with Patients, or walk them in the garden, sing with them listen to their stories, counsel them and their relatives, or just hold their hand.

Nurses will always have a job and are always in big demand.

We think the best thing about the course is the fun, light hearted friendly approach we have.

Students tell us they feel like Sister Jones is the Queen ANT and looks after all the baby ANTS.

The small ANTS are the hard workers, but as a team, they can achieve anything.

WHY AN ANT? THE LOGO IS ANTS (Australian Nursing Training Services) and on the letterheads notice the ant has a nurses hat on!

We are well known across N.S.W as ants, and often the Directors ask the students, "are you an ant?" The reply is "yes and proud to be one!"

You go home feeling happy in the knowledge that you will be feeling good about yourself every day as helping others.

Our graduates having done the three courses,Certificate of Competency in AIN/Aged Care and Certificate III in Aged Care CHC 30212 and Certificate III in Disability CHC 30408, are taught extra skills preparing them for work in not only Aged Care and Disability sectors, but also in hospitals. For example, how to take temperature, pulse, respirations and blood pressure.... This is not taught in usual aged care courses. One of the benefits of running the first course is, as it does not need to be accredited, we can design it as we wish, which is with a greater practical aspect than others. Then you can decide to do either CHC 30408, Cert III in Disability or CHC 30212 Cert III in Aged Care or BOTH by completing some extra theory units and gain your accredited certificate/s with our RTO partner in Canberra.




Dear .................................................................We would like to confirm your position in our AIN training course held at 8.30am on ………..……… 2013.
You will attend 3 classes over 2 to 3 weeks where you will receive personal 1 on 1 tuition. We meet on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. You will have study modules to learn at home the rest of the week at a time suitable to you. Staff are available in office to assist you with your work, or any other aspect of your training. You will then attempt your homework questions and do your project for a week while we organise your work experience, insurance, travel options and job prospects at nearby facilities to assist you. Next you do 2 weeks work experience Monday to Friday. You must be on time as lateness will delay the start of the class and affect others.

Where is your course?

A map is on the back of this letter to assist you walking to the Training room from the Station (On the actual confirmation letter a second map is included to show the way to your practical venue).

Your first day only will be held in our training rooms at either Sutherland at 8:00am, 4/818 Old Princes Highway, Sutherland or 8.30am, or several to chose from depending on where you live.

NOTE: You are not to go here, or to other training venues before the arranged day, as we are only there on training days. Our office is at Woronora. Staff do not like students taking up their time and will refer you back to us anyway. There is no need, and your first day is a free trial day anyway. See web page information on Free Trial Day or call (02)9576 7282.

Your second and third days will start at 7.30am, held at:
(Address will be written here when actual confirmation letter sent as different venues available, for example Bass Hill, Yagoona, Parramatta etc.).

PLEASE NOTE. Our MAIN office is at Sutherland, not at, Yagoona or Parramatta etc. If you need to contact us please call the above numbers during business hours. If there is a problem on training days e.g., your running late, only ring your trainer (ph no will be supplied on actual confirmation letter).

What to wear to the course (see pictures)


  • Navy pants(Dark Blue) or knee length skirt with stockings,
    Black will do to start, Navy is preferred. NO JEANS.
    White short sleeved collared shirt or blouse. NO T-SHIRTS (not see through).
  • Closed in flat rubber soled shoes in Black or Navy.
  • Tie your hair up if it is long.
  • Clean short nails with NO polish.
  • Limit your jewellery and make up.
    (Wedding rings and one pair of studs or small sleeper earrings in earlobes are only permitted jewellery).

What to bring to the course

  • Pen and notebook.
  • 2 Passport sized photos with your name printed clearly on back.
  • Identification, including visa’s if not Australian resident.
  • Your payment for just the first competency course. Cash, Cheque or Money Order (Note, we do not accept Credit Cards or EFTPOS at present but this will soon be acceptable with extra terminals and mobile phone transfers on site shortly).
  • Please note that no payment is required at this time for the second and or third courses, and for those we do not accept cash. Money orders and direct deposits are the usual.
  • Receipt from the Police confirming Police check application.

Additional requirements (not needed by your first day, though we suggest you start the process now to obtain both).

  • A satisfactory Police Check is needed before you can start your work experience. It is an industry requirement (This must get sent to your home address, not to our office).
  • Hepatitis and TB immunisation status. Proof is needed as soon as possible on an adult health record card obtained at your local doctors.

Payment options

The cost of the first course A.I.N Certificate of competency/practical) This is a non accredited certificate enabling us to give you more personal practical tuition, and cope on the wards. You then do some extra modules to gain your accredited second certificate A third certificate can be also added on for only $500, rather than another full cost of $1,500 WOW!

  • If paying on your first day $905.00.
  • If paying over 2 weeks, $465 first week and $460 on your second week = $925.00.
  • If paying over 3 weeks, $320 first and second week then $315 on the third week = $955.00.
  • Other payment options are available if eligible on Centrelink benefits,or financially challenged. After initial deposit of as little as $110 we can tailor a payment plan from $50 PER WEEK.
  • TRY BEFORE YOU BUY! An booking deposit of $100 will be required initially, but as we offer a free trial day, you will have this refunded if you decide that the course does not suit. Please do not book in then not show up as you may have taken up a place someone else could not get as well as it costing us a lot of money for trainers wages, your insurance and other printing and equipment costs. If a problem and you can not come please give us at least a days notice (Monday to Friday 10 am til 4 pm) to prevent losing deposit.

The cost of each of the second and third courses being Cert III in Disability and Cert III in Aged Care (Delivered in conjunction with our RTO partner Quest) is:

  • $500 for next qualification ie aged care or disability.
  • $800 if undertaking both aged care and disabilty simultaneously. WHAT A TERRIFIC DEAL!
  • You can send in a payment of $100 to obtain your modules and the remainder with your completed work if it is easier, or $50 per week. No extra fees apply.
  • At present we are not accepting student visa status, but subject to our RTO (if at time a CRICOS provider) applications will be passed on for assessing. Other international students may be eligible eg, bridging or spousal visas. An additional $300 is payable if international student to pay for the assessing and administration process.
  • Student visa holders are usually accepted to do the non accredited short part of the course being the Certificate of competency in A.I.N/Aged care, which is usually done in holiday blocks and weekends so as not to disturb their other studies. Employment can and has been obtained in facilities with just this certificate and will be available for carers in our and other agencies.
  • To obtain the Accredited certificates student visa holders are required to do many more hours, and there are strict stipulations. Costs may increase depending on extra tuition and facilitator provision. The student co-ordinators can help you with such matters through our CRICOS contacts. Please note all cases are on an individual basis and we will not cross the line regarding government or immigration regulations EVER!

As mentioned, we only ask that you do turn up at arranged time prepared with remaining fees, as per arrangement agreed upon enrollment, correct dress, lunch and notebook. Remember, if you do not turn up, there may be other paying students that miss out as you have taken up that place. We are very fair to you, so please be fair to us in return.

Basic Information

We were the first A.I.N course and have been successfully training and assisting with employment (98% success rate) for 23 years. Facilities have lots of positions available. As a Nurse/carer/disability worker you have little chance of ever being out of a job, and a great and rewarding job it is!

Our course is fun, stress free and has no exams. You can be awarded with 3 Certificates:

1. Certificate of Competency, competency assessment is used and students are marked as either competent or not yet competent. If not yet competent, we will help you, free of further charge for as long as needed, until you are competent. This rarely happens due to our innovative practical (not classroom) style training.
This is a non accredited certificate enabling us to give you more personal practical tuition, and cope on the wards. You then do some extra modules to gain your accredited second certificate.
The cost is $905. Payments as previously discussed.

2. Certificate III in Disability with our RTO partner. The Course code is CHC30408. The cost for Certificate III is $500.00(The cost for your theory work is payable at a later stage, not on your first day)

3. Certificate III in Aged Care, with our RTO partner. The Course code is CHC30212. The cost for Certificate III is $500.00 (The cost for your theory work is payable at a later stage, not on your first day)

We look forward to meeting you and starting you off on your new chosen profession of nursing.




Is available FOR FREE for all students that have completed the Certificate of Competency.


RPL is also assessed for people that are already working in the industry and require certification. For example if already employed and experienced in the role of an A.I.N, pay slips and reports from Nursing faciltily employers may cover the work experience portion of the course.

These students are not charged for RPL, and infact their fees are reduced for the first part of the course by $650. They are only charged $255 rather than $905

SO, IF YOU HAVE NOT YET OBTAINED YOUR CERTIFICATE III in aged care and or disability, why not take advantage of this terrific deal. Another innovative way A.N.T.S try to upgrade the care given to our elderly and disabled community. Why not tell your workmates about this.


Other training rooms accross Sydney are also available but this is head office and any extra resources, use of computer equipment, library text books, or attending extra classes will be undertaken here. It may be a good idea to take the mobile number at the top of the previous page with you just in case to call your trainer, as the office does not open until 9am. Don't ring office on weekends or after hours as no one may be there. Ring trainers mobile number.(Take with you)

The number we text you from is not contactable. Use the TRAINERS mobile number for problems getting to training and land line number during business hours for everything else.
Business hours in Australia are 9am -5pm Monday to Friday. 10-4pm is best time to call.


1st Floor, Suites 4 and 5 /818 Old Princes Highway, Sutherland

(Next to Commonwealth Bank)

If the door is open proceed upstairs and our staff member will meet you. If the door is closed, have a cuppa in the cafe next door or wait on the sidewalk, our staff will not be far away.


Parking can be found in either of the two council car parks, see map for locations.


It is about a 2 minute walk from Sutherland Station, just follow the directions on map.
When you get to our address you will see a door that has our name “AUSTRALIAN NURSING AND TRAINING SERVICES”. We are situated on the first floor in suites 4 and 5

Clinical training is available in many areas (local to you) in addition to these above training centres.

The directions and maps are sent to you once we know where your placement is going to be.

Venues are right accross the Sydney Metropolitan area. Placements for work experience are everywhere including Woolongong, Central Coast and some country areas like Wagga Wagga and Orange. We will try to help you anywhere, even interstate.




The cost of the first course A.I.N Certificate of competency/practical) This is a non accredited certificate enabling us to give you more personal practical tuition, and cope on he wards. You then do some extra modules to gain your accredited second certificate

  • If paying on your first day $905.00.
  • If paying over 2 weeks, $465 first week and $460 on your second week = $925.00.
  • If paying over 3 weeks, $320 first and second week then $315 on the third week = $955.00.
  • Other payment options are available if eligible and on Centrelink benefits, SPEAK TO OUR FRIENDLY STUDENT LIASION OFFICERS!
  • Note if you decide the course is not for you, take your money back home after the first training day, but you must bring money with you, or enrolment will be denied and the cost may increase. Any deposit taken will be refunded.

The cost of each of the second and third courses being Cert III in Disability and Cert III in Aged Care (Delivered in conjunction with our RTO partner Quest) is:

  • $500 for one qualification eg. Aged care or Disability
  • $800 if doing both qualifications simultaneously WOW! What a great deal.
  • You can send in a payment of $100 to obtain your modules and the remainder with your completed work if it is easier or $50 per week. No extra fees apply.
  • An additional $300 is payable if applying for assessment of a Student Visa. Note most people on student visas can not do the second part or third part (accreditted courses). There may be exceptions as each case is individual and people on bridging or spousal visas are accepted. Ring the office to discuss your situation please.
  • Please note all cases are on an individual basis and we will not cross the line regarding government or immigration regulations EVER!

Please note, you have taken up a position in this course, if you do not attend, you are preventing another paying client from attending. Also ANTS have incurred costs due to insurance, staffing etc. We do not want to have to charge you a cancellation fee, so if there are extenuating circumstances, please contact the office no later than 2pm the day prior to your course and we can re book you. Of course if you do attend and decide that you do not want to continue with the course, there is no obligation and no fees need to be paid. This free trial day is very fair and not usually offered by other companies. As mentioned, we only ask that you do turn up at arranged time prepared with your fees, correct dress, lunch and notebook.
Lately we have had a few inconsiderate clients that have booked in and not bothered showing up or even ringing us. This obviously causes problems as we have arranged and paid Educators as per numbers.

Also as we mentioned, there may be other paying students that miss out as you have taken up that place.

For the benefit of the students receiving Centre link, unemployment benefits, or financially challenged, we have other payment options including paying over 2 or 3 weeks. Even $50 per week! Ask our friendly staff about details.




Students are placed in their local area, as close as possible to their home. This makes it easier for them to get there as well as being convenient for the Director of Nursing, who can call them to come more quickly if he/she is short staffed. Other courses usually make students organise their own work experience, which is very difficult as many facilities do not want the extra hassle of supervising students, filling out all the documentation involved and especially are wary of the dangers involved having students caring for patients with no practical skills (as in most classroom courses). Our Director, Sister Jones is able to secure work experience as Directors of Nursing have known her for decades due to being an ex Director of Nursing for many years herself. A.N & T.S has a great reputation for quality training and producing quality Nurses, so Directors of Nursing are happy to have our work experience trainees.

We also have our finger on the pulse as to where the jobs are available and this is taken into consideration when placing our work experience students. Culture and religion and other factors are also considered. We spend a lot of time matching up the students to a facility in their own local area. Due to people in this country unfortunately still discriminating regarding cultures and nationalities, we have found the need to match work placement areas in discussion with the student e.g., Muslim students may happier, and so be best located, in say the Lakemba, Auburn or Belmore areas. If we placed them in say, Cronulla, much to our dislike, there may be friction regarding different customs. Requests are encouraged. We are experienced in matching students to suitable facilities. It is best to rule out any negatives but will never say no to a request, based on culture or religion. We have helped every nationality you could think of in the past 23 years and have had many graduates gain permanent residency and citizenship once becomming a Nurse though A.N & T.S. Our trainers and staff are all multicultural as well.

Australian Nursing and Training Services does not discriminate against anyone or any religion. We believe everyone deserves an equal chance. We have even placed men and women over 65 years of age and as young as 16 (by end of course). Recently Robyn, one of our students graduated at 72 years of age. Good on you Robyn !

We are the only nursing training organisation that trains our students in a ‘hands on’ way. It has been proven over and over again that this is the best way; with the majority of the students gaining employment at their work experience venue. With other courses, the students spend their time sitting in a classroom, and learning from books or practicing on dummies! We are often told when they get to work experience, they have no idea what to do, and need to be taught by the Facilities' own staff who do not have time and are sometimes quite put out by having to do this as it slows them down. Therefore you become a hassle for the staff, you feel inadequate and are not likely to get offered any work if you are not competent in the basic Nursing skills and therefore are of no use to the facility. With our students, they show confidence and competence in all the needed skills.

Note our motto:

"Tell me and I'll forget, show me and I'll remember, let me do and I'll understand."

Our students are snapped up quickly, as the facilities always need competent AINs!

Some of our students do not even get to finish their work experience, and get put on paid shifts after as little as a few days!

You now also have a chance to work as a carer for our agency commencing shortly.

Apply now!




1. Certificate of competency in Assistant in Nursing /Aged Care or Disability (choice)

Assistant in Nursing personal practical tuition. We also issue you with a Certificate of Competency and a two page evaluation print out of all the subjects, modules and skills mastered. (This is quite a large amount, which impresses prospective employers). Students are proficient in such areas as showering, sponging, toileting, pressure area care, feeding, manual handling, (including use of lifting aids) and infection control. This is not all your job entails but it is an important part that needs to be taught first. You will also do things like accompany residents and patients on bus trips, sing and play with them, walk them in gardens, hold their hand when sick or upset, counsel them and their families and much more.

Being taught hands-on enables our students to be able to show their skills at work experience, as well as practice them and learn a lot.

You may note that other AIN training courses do not allow students to lift. We encourage lifting so that when you are taught to do this properly, you are not only competent but also can show that you can do it too! We spend a lot of money on insurance to ensure you can lift, not just watch like most other courses!

The end result we hope will be:

  • That our students are seen to be able to cope well with this type of work.
  • Hopefully you will be offered casual shifts to give you a chance to get your foot in the door of the most worthy of professions, Nursing!
  • The raising of standards of nursing across the board through the provision of such personal ‘hands on’ training to students. Together we are doing our part.

We are available for free advice and counseling to our Graduates for years to come. For example:

  • When they have a work related problem and need confidential
    guidance, especially if not a member of NSW Nurses Association
    We highly suggest joining the association and provide all graduates with referral form
  • Move to another area and want us to use our contacts to track down
    work in the new area.
  • Advice and references for institutions of higher education eg., R/N
    or E/N applications.
  • Sometimes they just need a friend.


This is a requirement of the Certificate III

Courses are run in conjunction with Vitalpulse on a regular basis and the general public can also attend.

We feel it is important for the students to be competent in First Aid. In our First Aid courses we place emphasis on situations pertinent to nursing and everyday life.

This makes our course a better choice as trainers are very aware of situations you may encounter whilst on the wards as well as in the general community. They include scenarios to this end.Two of our staff Tracey and Denise are St. John Senior educators and examiners of very high standing and our students have their full support during our training course. Denise is an award winning superintendant with St John. She also won awards for volunteer of the year and many others. Still working with us at nearly 70! Good on you Denise.

Most of our students prefer to travel great distances to do the course with us as they like our training methods. They can, however, go to any local First Aid provider.

The cost of the course is $100 but our students get it for $95

The first part is done via a computer link where you answer questions from learning resources then do a test. You may attempt this a number of times until you get it all correct, at your own leisure.

The second part is done in our training rooms at your choice of Sutherland or at Blacktown. During this session you will be taught all the practical aspects and demonstrate competency in such areas as bandaging, resuscitation, bites and stings, burns, shock etc.


2. Certificate III in Aged Care/Disability

Course Purpose

Extra units are available after completion of your AIN certificate of competency course to upgrade you to a nationally accredited qualification called Certificate III in Aged Care or Disability. Some graduates of our first certificate (A.I.N) are happy to just be working from the skills and knowledge gained from the first course, and many have gone on to work in Hospitals and been accepted into E/N and R/N courses. We however highly suggest they go on to complete these extra units and gain the two Certificates, as it is advantageous in seeking employment.

Accreditation Status

These are accredited courses and are nationally recognised. The contents and competencies draw from the Community Services nationally endorsed training package. The course code is CHC30212 or CHC30408.

Course Outline

Fourteen or fifteen units of competency in the qualifications have been organised into on and off the job training of a maximum delivery over three months. AN&TS graduates of the Certificate of Competency of AIN/Aged care, or disability have already achieved most of the units and are working in the field proving their competencies are deserving of RPL. RPL is Recognition of Prior Learning and is a system of recognition of each skill or area of knowledge taught, learnt or mastered previously. Any RPL is then matched up to elements of each unit of competency required and if evidence is sufficient, recognition of this prior learning is granted for free!. This means that that the relevant units do not have to be done as the student has already achieved these competencies.

AN&TS Graduates have only a few units per qualification sent to them to complete via distance learning (instead of the usual 14/15 units as required by other courses). We then send a resource booklet, a disc for your computer, a questions and answers booklet and detailed instructions. Our graduates find the work simple due to the knowledge gained in their first course and from their nursing employment. As the course is self-paced, they can still work and earn money whilst finishing the Certificate III units. Once all units have been successfully completed, the assessor will decide if they are deemed competent or not yet competent.

Students that are marked not yet competent will have one more chance and any incorrect questions will have to be re-done with an extra assessment if deemed necessary.

CHC 30408 Cert III in Disability Compulsory Units (10 required)

Note this will be updated as regularly changes occur and may not be accurate at time of reading.

  • Work effectively in the community sector
  • Support individual health and emotional well being
  • Provide support to meet personal care needs
  • Participate in the implementation of individualised plans
  • Follow WHS safety procedures for direct care work
  • Work effectively with people with a disability
  • Maintain an environment to empower people with disabilities
  • Supoprt community participation and inclusion
  • Contribute to skill development and maintenance
  • Provide behaviour support in the context of individualised plan

Elective units (4 required)

  • Provide support to people living with dementia
  • Work within a legal and ethical framework
  • Facilitate indivdualised plans
  • Facilitate community participation and inclusion

Training for Certificate III in Disability is provided under a partnership agreement with our Registered Training Organisation (RTO) partner Quest.

Course curriculum, unit question and answers, resource booklets and assessments are copyright (1990) including all intellectual property. They are to remain the property of author, Sister Tracey Jones- RGN, RMN, RPN, DON, CNS, Dip Ed.

Director of Nursing Education

Australian Nursing and Training Services.


CHC 30212 Cert III in Aged Care Compulsory Units (10 required)

Note this will be updated as regularly changes occur and may not be accurate at time of reading.

  • Support older people to maintain their independence
  • Work effectively with older people
  • Provide support to people living with dementia
  • Work effectively in the community sector
  • Provide support to meet personal care needs
  • Participate in the implementation of individualised plans
  • Support individual health and emotional well being
  • Follow WHS procedures for direct care work
  • Deliver care services using a palliative approach
  • Recognise healthy body systems in a health care context

Elective units (4 required)

  • Apply first aid
  • Facilitate indivdualised plans
  • Facilitate community participation and inclusion
  • Work effectively with people with a disability

Training for Certificate III in Aged Care is provided under a partnership agreement with our Registered Training Organisation (RTO) partner Quest

Course curriculum, unit question and answers, resource booklets and assessments are copyright (1990) including all intellectual property. They are to remain the property of author, Sister Tracey Jones- RGN, RMN, RPN, DON, CNS, Dip Ed.

Director of Nursing Education

Australian Nursing and Training Services.




Australian Residents

At Australian Nursing and Training Services we give everyone an equal chance. There are no prerequisites for the competency certificates, other than the ability to read, write and speak English and a genuine desire to help their patients. This gives students that do not usually have a chance due to poor school levels, or not gaining HSC, a way into the profession and a path to the top, without the usual grades needed. We think it's more inportant to prove competency in all aspects of Assistant in Nursing, thus the competency assesments we ensure are achieved.

We enroll males and females from 16 years of age to 65 years of age. Exceptions apon application/interview.

As an Australian resident the Certificate III in aged care qualification can be issued once PRL (Recognition of Prior Learning) and work experience components have been undertaken.

Non Australian Residents/Temporary Residents/Student VISA holders

Our RTO partner may at time of reading be a CRICOS provider.

Australian Nursing and Training Services gives everyone an equal chance to do the practical personal tuition part of their training. This is valuable to ensure the acquisition of proper skills prior to commencing part two of their training for Certificate III in the Aged Care or Disability courses.

Delivery period is extra for international students (as per CRICOS regulations).

Language, literacy and numeracy assessments are undertaken by all students. English tuition for struggling students can be arranged and a second assessment udertaken if competency is not gained the first try.

Further details will be provided via liason with A.N.T.S student co-ordinators over phone and prospective students will be sent a delivery and assessment strategy.


Due to the first part of the course, you can prove your skills and may be eligible for paid shifts in free time, whilst undertaking studies. (Subject to CRICOS approval)

Our new agency can employ you for allowed hours as a carer after completion of first part of training

Some immigrants may be able to do this course. For example those on a spousal or bridging visa. Student VISA holders are NOT able to complete this training (ie; second course) without an application and approval from our RTO partner and a CRICOS provider. All such applications need to go through this process and will incurr, an extra cost of $300. There are strict laws governing hours studying even though it may be done over weekends and in your holidays. Every individual case is advised and asked to seek immigration clarification re their ability to attend the course and stipulate hours and times.

Please note; There are strict immigration laws in place and even though we understand your need to do a short course to gain employment support your family, we can not bend the rules and please do not ask!

You may be able to do this short course while on holidays and on weekends without interfereing with current studies. This enables you to gain employment while at say University and assist with paying your fees.Permission must be granted and proof sighted prior to your application for training being accepted. Each case is individual so seek help from your immigration officer.

All students must undertake a criminal record check from both Australia and their country of origin.

No person with a criminal record will be accepted into this training as per Nursing statutes and laws. It is a responsibility of an applicant to divulge any such record so advice can be given regarding their situation, and time not wasted for either the student or the company.



Most courses provide only classroom training and when completed, the student can be disillusioned and upset by the fact that they still cannot get a job. Why not? Because they have no experience and may be a danger when handling patients; which is too risky.

Our course gives them the necessary experience and support required to get them a job and a career pathway in the nursing profession. It is the quickest and easiest way to get a nationally accredited qualification-Certificate III in Aged Care if students wish to add on those modules. Read on for more details.

  • Earn while you learn-be nursing in about 5-6 weeks.
  • Be paid while finishing Certificate III modules.
  • Do three courses for price of one!

Our Successful Results

There have been many editorials written about the quality and high job placement results of this course. Obviously there are no guarantees as it is up to students to prove their worth eg: reliability, attitude, professionalism, honesty and good work ethics.

Our success rate is approximately 98% over 23years!

We also have a folder full to the top containing testimonials and thank you letters from the past graduates. These are available to sight upon arrangement with our administrative staff. These testimonials and letters have many similar comments. They include, “changed my life”; “best thing I ever did”; “the course was comprehensive, fun no stress”; “thanks to our great educators I felt confident and showed it at my work experience. They gave me job immediately!”; “I referred all my family and now we are a family of nurses!”; “Thanks to Sister Jones I am independent financially and happy”. See testimonials.

Many of our past graduates are now Registered Nurses, Enrolled Nurses, Ambulance persons, Ward persons, Community Nurses, Diversional Therapy Aids to name a few career advancements. This course provides a foot in the door to further training such as Certificate 4 or 5. Some of our students go straight to Certificate 4/EN – skipping Certificate 3 due to the Recognition of Prior Learning and experience on the wards but most do the extra 3 modules at home to easily gain Certificate III.

Recently chosen as one of the people to have done the most for Nursing over the years, Sister Jones was invited on National Television to show what we do in our training, and how A.I.N's deserve more money and better conditions.

A DVD also featured Sister Jones, Nurse Educator Denise Lewis, and one of their graduates Teegan Towers, being filmed training and discussing improvements needed for Nursing home A.I.N'S. Sister Jones works tirelessly improving Nursing education, conditions and thus care of our ill and elderly. She does so quietly with little appreciation or public knowledge of what she does, so it was nice to see her be chosen for this program by the ABC National news and also the Federal Nuring association for their DVD.


UTUBE has footage on ""Because we care" campaign featuring our Director Tracey, Trainer Denise and one of our students.


AIN Rate of pay

The rates of pay for AINs have much improved over the years and goes up each year until year 5, when they reach top level pay. You can make a great wage as an AIN!

The penalties and loadings push the pay up higher. If you work afternoons, night or weekend shift you can double your usual pay. Actually some nurses’ work Friday, Saturday and Sunday weekend shifts regularly, as they get nearly the same rate as working Monday to Friday day shift. The Nurses union can give exact wage figures.

At first we advise grabbing any shifts offered and proving your worth as an employee. Then you can start picking and choosing the big money shifts. Students do walk into full time positions but most are employed as casuals for a short time, until proven reliable, then full time is usually offered. Casual rates are great so a good start! Once the graduates have been working for a couple of months, they can do three more distance learning modules with us in association with our RTO partner to gain their accredited Certificate III. This enables these graduates of the first course the quickest and cheapest method, and the graduate does not lose time off from work or loss of wages. They are usually off social security benefits in 6 weeks, not in excess of one year as with other courses. It may also be tax deductible! So you earn quickly!!!!!!!




20 Professional development points are required annually, and in conjunction with the Royal Collegeof Nursing these will be provided. We will mentor all our new employees and the clients will get a new Nurse as well as an experienced Nurse for no extra cost. What a great opportunity!

Course delivery flexibility

The course has a rolling calendar so students can start on any given week. They can choose from either three Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays for their first section of training “Clinical teaching on wards”. We then liaise with Nursing Homes in the student’s own area, where we place them for two weeks, Monday – Friday, or 10 shifts. We organize everything. This can be done at any time, some students wait till holidays. Day shift is preferable and the second week may be afternoons. Weekends are also possible in special cases. Training delivery time is short due to the assistance given by our personal hands on trainers. Other study modules are done at home on the other days, as well as major project. Assistance from your trainer or student liaison officers is available by calling the Woronora office.

Great resources are supplied that help with all aspects of assessments and homework but we also encourage research on the internet or library.

Students do not have to find their own work experience as with other courses, and are given two weeks not one. This enables them to get used to the facility plus have more chance to be noted as a worthwhile prospect to employ.

The first day is an actual training day but may be used as a “try before you buy” trial day. There is no obligation to pay one cent and this way the student can assess us and if they like Nursing and we can assess if they are suited as well and offer guidance. Bring your payment, but if not wanting to continue after the first day, you can take your money back home. Once signed up and money paid obligations to pay fees must be honored as costs are incurred by A.N.& T.S.

We hope this information has been comprehensive and helpful and welcome any constructive criticism or changes you may suggest.

We would appreciate it if you would share this opportunity for personalized, practical training, by faxing, or sending information to your colleagues, family and friends.
Referral gifts worth $50 may apply, or bring a friend or two for a big discount. Have a mate to feel comfortable with and pay less at same time. Ask the friendly office staff when ringing on (02) 9576 7282.



A.N. & T.S.



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